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Video: How to install a Powerlink ECB breaker.

Features and correct installation of a Powerlink ECB breaker.

Product Line:
Powerlink G3

Distribution Equipment

Incorrect installation could cause the breaker not to operate or cause damage to the Control Bus. Phone assistance are available to help you.

Features of the ECB breaker:
1) Ensure you have an ECB breaker, by verifying the part number.  An EDB breaker will fit and function in a PowerLink panel, but it is not controllable. 
2) ECB breaker has a "Visitrip" window.  This window shows;
"Green" to indicate the breaker is Off
"White" to indicate the breaker is ON
 "Red"  to indicate the breaker has Tripped
3) The breaker has a "White Tab" that is use to switch the breaker from controllable to standard.  
    -  If the white tab is "IN", the breaker is in "Automatic" mode, this is when it can be controlled.
    -  If the white tab is "OUT", the breaker is in "Manual" mode, the breaker cannot be controlled in this mode.
(you can use a small screw driver or your fingernail to manipulate the tab)
4) There is a (6) pin white connector on the bottom side of the ECB breaker that needs to be inserted into the Control bus.  Began by placing the back end of the breaker into the control bus, lining the male end of the connector up with the female connector of the control bus.
5) Tightening mounting screw to correct torque spec.  listed on the label of the breaker.
Breaker is now properly installed.

The following video demonstrates features and proper installation of the Powerlink ECB G3 circuit breakers:

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