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Video: How to determine the dry contact pin out for a Surgeloc SPD?

Confirming and testing the dry contact pinout (normally open, normally closed, common) on SurgeLogic Surgeloc SPD
Product Line:
Surgeloc Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) 
NQ internally mounted assembly
Needing to determine the normally open, normally closed, and common pins on the Surgeloc SPD?

The NQ SurgeLoc series SPD comes equipped with dry contacts. The dry contacts are three-position, Form "C" type with Normally Open, Normally Closed, and Common connections. In the unpowered state the contact is closed between terminals NC and COM. This is also the alarm condition. The opposite state, closed between terminals NO and COM, indicates that power is on to the unit and that no alarm condition exists (See Table 4). These contacts can be used for remote indication of the SPD's operating status to a computer interface board or emergency management system. Also, these contacts are designed to work with the SPD remote monitor option described in The dry contacts are designed for a maximum voltage of 250 Vac / 30 Vdc and a maximum current of 6 A. Minimum switching load is 10 mA at 5 Vdc. Higher energy applications may require additional relay implementation outside the SPD. Damage to the SPD relay caused by use with energy levels in excess of those discussed in this instruction bulletin are not covered by warranty.

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