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Video: How does the timer function D PD T AC L l work in ZelioSoft 2 in Ladder logic for Zelio smart relays?

Tutorial for utilizing the Timer Function D PD T AC L l in ZelioSoft 2 ladder logic programming.

Product Line: 
Zelio Logic Smart Relays

North American Products

The integrated timer function in Ladder Logic programming in ZelioSoft 2
  • Timer function D: Symmetrical Flashing
  • Timer function PD: Symmetrical Flashing, Start/Stop on Pulse
  • Timer function T: Time on Addition
  • Timer function AC: On-Off delay
  • Timer function L: Asymmetrical Flasher, Control Held Down
  • Timer function l: Asymmetrical Flasher, Press to Start Stop
Following video demonstrates how each of the timer function works:
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