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Can the amperage be changed on a Micrologic LE, LX, ME, MX, NE, NX, PE, PX, or SE circuit breaker ?

Need to change the amperage or sensor on a Micrologic breaker.

Product line:
Legacy Micrologic breakers

Switchboards and panelboards

Condition change to equipment and need to adjust amperage or features.

To change the amperage you can either change the rating plug on breaker or adjust the Long Time pickup dial.
For safety reasons, we recommend turning de-energizing before performing any work or making any adjustments.
There is a possibility of tripping the breaker during adjustments.  
Rating plugs with their multiplier values are listed below.  The multiplier is the factor to be applied to the sensor rating.
Cat.#       Multiplier
ARP040 0.400
ARP050 0.500
ARP056 0.563
ARP058 0.583
ARP060 0.600
ARP063 0.625
ARP067 0.667
ARP070 0.700
ARP075 0.750
ARP080 0.800
ARP083 0.833
ARP088 0.875
ARP090 0.900
ARP100 1.000

Note that there is no restriction on interchanging the ARP rating plugs on LE, LX, ME, MX, NE, NX, PE, PX, or SE breakers.  However, they are all now obsolete with no replacement.  
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