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How can I get trip curves?

Wherer are the TCC time current trip curves?

Product Line:
PowerPact and Masterpact as well as Legacy and Miniature circuit breakers

Covers all breakers

Need to know if a breaker will trip at a certain ampere rating and what the clearing time is.

Each technical catalog for the product have trip curves included. They are also available online at  Once at the Technical Library an entire listing of the trip curves can be found by clicking on "Trip Curves" in the left hand column. Then go down the list to find the product grouping you are looking for.
Below is the direct link.

For HOM breakers, use QO trip curves (same trip characteristics).
For QO-AFI, QO-CAFI, QO-EPD, HOM-AFI, and HOM-CAFI breakers, use QO-GFI trip curves (same trip characteristics).
For QOU breakers, use QO trip curves (same trip characteristics).
For EDB-EPD and EDB-EJB breakers, use EDB trip curves (same trip characteristics).
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