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What are the repair parts for a LA400AWK Series E05, circuit breaker enclosure?

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Circuit Breaker Enclosure

Repair parts



The only field replaceable parts for this enclosure are the Red/Black handle knobs located on the external operating handle. A kit Part number of 4028343950 was available, BUT is now obsolete and no longer available SEE BELOW. 

NOTE: The above kit part number is OBSOLETE and no longer available, use the below part numbers to replace the Red and Black knob on the operating handle.
1) 4052023303 - Red Handle knob part
2) 4052023304 - Black Handle knob part
3) 2410108441 - Mounting Rivet (The rivet CANNOT be easily field installed, but a customer can try it. If they cannot install the rivet, it will require the customer to obtain their own mounting screw. The screw that was used in the old obsolete kit is was a size #4-40 x 1.4 inches long Pan Head Screw, with the correct size nut. Also, attached below is the instruction sheet that came with the old obsolete kit for reference.


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