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How can an ATS46 or ATS48 be used with an undersized motor or no motor?

If the motor is too small the soft starter will have a PHF phase fault. Motor current must exceed 10% of nominal current for the soft starter (adjustible down to 5% on ATS48). Motor loads that can not pull adequate current may require a smaller soft starter.
For testing purposes only there the SST mode that can be turned on in level 3 (drC menu on ATS48). This SST mode will automatically reset to ``no`` when power is cycled.
SST will NOT allow the soft starter to operate with no motor. A minimum load current is required for SCR conduction. Starter will trip on PHF (Phase Fault) if the motor current draw is less than 10% of the nominal motor current (adjustible down to 5% on ATS48).
See SquareD bulletin VD0C32S301B for additional details.

CTA-ID : 7330
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