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What is the minimum level of current displayed by Micrologic trip units on Powerpact M, P, and Masterpact breakers

Inaccurate reading on the LCD Display of the Ammeter trip unit

Product Line:
Circuit breaker

With current flow between 0 and 20% of sensor value, the ammeter may not be accurate. 
Even with external power supplied, current through the circuit breaker must exceed 0.20 x In for the ammeter reading to be accurate to within 1.5%. 

> Below 0.1 x In, measurements are not significant
> Between 0.1 x In and 0.2 x In, accuracy changes linearly from 4 % to 1.5 %
> Between 0.2 x In and 1.2 x In, accuracy = 1.5 % 
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