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What is the part number of the external neutral CT for a CK circuit breaker?

The part number is needed for the External Neutral CT for a CK Circuit Breaker. This is sometimes referred to as the TCE.

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CK Circuit breaker

The External Neutral CT part number is needed for a CK circuit breaker, as well as information on availability of the part.

CK is a general description for a class of circuit breakers called Compact CK Circuit Breakers. These were sold under the name of Merlin Gerin, which was acquired by Schneider Electric in 1992. The CK class of breakers includes many different actual catalog numbers. For the External Neutral CT part number for the CK, following are the part numbers. Note that the external neutral CT (TCE) current rating must match the breaker sensor rating.
CK400 - part number 35700
CK800 - part number 35701
CK1000 - part number 35702
CK1200 - part number 35703

Regarding availability, note that the External Neutral CT's, and the CK Circuit Breakers themselves, are all obsolete and no longer available. If necessary to replace an existing CK circuit breaker, a currently-produced circuit breaker can be used that will perform the same function. It is very important to note, however, that the new replacement circuit breaker will be of different size and mounting dimensions compared to the CK. The terminals and accessories will also be different. To help clarify dimensions and ratings of the obsolete CK circuit breakers, see the attached two files.

When choosing the replacement circuit breaker, there may be several possibilities from which to choose. Our online Digest includes much of this information (click this link). To speak with someone, call us at 888-778-2733, and ask for Technical Support for Circuit Breakers.

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