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What are the catalog numbers, and where is technical information, for the Masterpact NT/NW Circuit Breakers and Micrologic trip units?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers:

Applies to Masterpact NW and NT Circuit Breakers, and their respective trip units

Some popular documents for Masterpact NW and NT breakers are the following:
0613CT0001     Technical Catalog for Masterpact NT and NW
0613PL0001      Pricing Guide for Masterpact NT and NW (includes catalog numbers for many accessory kits)
48049-330-03   Instruction manual for the x.0H Harmonic trip units 
48049-137-05   Instruction manual for the x.0P Power trip units
48049-136-05   Instruction manual on the x.0A Ammeter trip units
48049-207-05   Instruction manual for the x.0 Standard Trip Units

These documents, along with many others, can be found on the Schneider Electric website at the following links.
Link to the Download Center:
Link to the Classic Technical Library:
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