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What type of hub is used with the NEMA 3R, rainproof HOMELINE load centers?


Product Line:
Homeline load centers

Hub Types


The NEMA 3R, Rainproof HOMELINE load centers have a suffix RB in their catalog number. The 'R' designates a Rainproof enclosure and the 'B' designates the load center uses a bolt-on, type B-Hub. The B-Hubs come is sizes from 3/4" up to 2-1/2". The Catalog numbers of the B-Hubs is based on the size, see below for the sizes and catalog numbers. A closing Cap(catalog number BCAP) is provided with ALL 'RB' suffix catalog numbers.

B-Hub Catalog numbers:
The 3/4" is B075, the 1.0" is B100, the 1.25" is B125, the 1.50" is B150, the 2.0" is B200 and the 2.50" is B250.

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