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What is the door kit for CQO160M200C loadcentre?
The door kit part number is QODK602    
What is the terminal data for CH365N?
The lugs on this device will accept (1) #1/0 AWG - 750 kcmil or (2) #1/0 AWG - 300 kcmil aluminum or copper conductors per phase.
Is the 150amp main breaker included with the QOGP3P604436150?
Yes it is.  Part number for the main is QOM2150VHL
What is the part number for the cover for a CHOM2448M125GC?
Replacement cover part number is CHOMC24UC
Does a QO250GFI require a load neutral connection?
Issue: Will 2P, QO-GFI breakers work on 240V, 2 Wire systems without out a neutral? Product Line: Circuit Breakers Environment: Applies to all 2P...
Cad drawings for Powerpact B circuit breaker
Product Line: Powerpact B Resolution: Go to  This  takes you...
Which QO circuit breakers can I use on a 240v grounded B phase?
Issue: Are there specific QO/QOB breakers that can be used for a 240V Grounded B phase power source? Product Line: NQ Panelboards Environment: Application...
What is the difference between a two-device and a three-device solution for motor circuit protection?
Issue:   What is the difference between a 2-device and 3-device MCP?   Product Line: Molded Case Circuit Breakers Environment: Mag-Gard and Powerpact...
What is the difference between a short time and an instantaneous trip function?
Product Line: Circuit Breakers Environment: Electrical Distribution Equipment Resolution: The short time pickup switch sets the value at which the...
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