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      EVlink Indoor Electric Car Charging Station

      Electric Vehicle Charging Station

      EV Charging that's fast and convenient

      Most electric cars come with Level 1 chargers that can recharge your electric car using a standard 120V outlet – the same plug you use to power the rest of your electronics. It’s handy for charging on the go, but only gives back 2-5 miles per hour of charge. With EVIink Level 2 home chargers, charging is 3-4x faster, giving you a convenient and reliable way to get a full charge right in the comforts of your home. Available for your indoor garage (EV230WS), or outdoor parking (EV230WSR), EVlink works with any electric car*.

      * Tesla vehicles require an adaptor which is available on Tesla's website.

      EV Charging Station

      Flexible installation puts the charging where you need it

      EVlink level 2 home charging stations come with a separate docking port that keeps your cable off the ground and your connector (plug) secure when it's not in use. This lets you install your connector exactly where you want it – closest to your vehicle’s port for easy access every time.

      Installing in your garage or covered parking outdoors?  We recommend the EV230WS. If you want something that can withstand extreme weather conditions, consider EV230WSR. For apartment complexes and multi-tenant buildings, the EV230WSRR comes with an optional RFID card reader to limit access and restrict charging to cardholders only.

      EVlink Charging Station flexible installation

      EV Charging that's fast and convenient

      Overnight charging can save you time and money

      Overnight is the best time to charge your car. Why? This is the longest time your car will be parked. Electricity may also be cheaper at night during off-peak hours (typically 10pm-6am), saving you money. Simply plug-in when you get home, set the timer to delay charging until off-peak hours, and wake up to a full charge every morning.

      What if the power goes out? No problem. EVlink chargers have an auto-reset feature that will automatically resume charging once power is restored.

      EV Charging Station personalized skins

      Personalize your EVlink charger

      Whether it's a picture of your kids, your dog, or your favorite travel destination - make the EVlink charging station uniquely yours! Get a free customizable skin with our EVlink Level 2 home charging stations.*

      *This offer only applies to the EV230WS model

      Learn more about our EVlink Charging Station.

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