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    Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Wiser Air® – The smart thermostat, made Wiser.

Make the Wiser Choice

Home Energy Management

Make the Wiser choice choice for maximized savings, comfort and control. Wiser Air isn't just a cutting-edge thermostat. It's a complete home energy management solution that gives you peace of mind through effortless control of comfort and savings.

You're in control. It's that simple. With a smartphone-style touchscreen, Wiser Air lets you tap into new levels of temperature control while learning your lifestyle as soon as it's on your wall. Easily integrated into your home, operation is a breeze.

Control at your fingertips. Now that's comforting. Wiser lets you see and control your energy use from a number of smart devices like your smart phone, tablet, or PC. Putting you in full command of your home, Wiser Air delivers scheduling that's simple to set and modify with a tap. There's also a powerful Comfort Boost feature for optimal comfort on the fly.


Comfort & efficiency. A match made in your home. The best of both worlds, Wiser Air brings you optimal comfort and saving potential at the same time.

Increase savings without sacrificing comfort. The simple way. The best of both worlds, Wiser Air brings you optimal comfort and saving potential at the same time.


Home Power Management

Cost savings. You've invested a significant amount of money in your home computer, entertainment systems, security system and other critcal electronics. Storms and power outages break our line of communication for business, news and weather updates, and emergency contact with friends and family. Additionally, energy management features on some products reduce your electric costs and environmental impact. Stay powered and connected during critical outages with Back-UPS, Back-UPS Pro, and Back-UPS Connect from APC by Schneider Electric.