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Power-Zone® 4

Low Voltage metal-enclosed, drawout switchgear

Designed to provide superior electrical distribution, protection, and power quality management

Schneider Eletric
Power-Zone® 4
  • Catalog
    Power-Zone 4 Low Voltage, Metal-Enclosed, Drawout Switchgear with Masterpact NW and NT Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers (Version 1.0) 13/12/17 English 6037CT9901.pdf2.6 MB
    DE12 - Switchgear Catalogue (Version 1.0) 01/11/16 English DE12.pdf748.9 KB
    DE12 - Catalogue de Appareillage de commutation (Version 1.0) 22/03/17 French DE12_f.pdf574 KB
    User guide
    Automatic Transfer Switch: Model ATS-NW (Version 1.0) 27/09/11 English 80332-001-04.pdf1.7 MB
    PLC Automatic Throwover Systems (Version 1.0) 27/09/11 English 80330-001-04.pdf1.9 MB
    Indoor Water-Resistant (IWR) Enclosure Installation For Use on Power-Zone® 4 Low Voltage Switchgear and Power-Style® QED-6 Switchboards (Version 1.0) 27/09/11 English 80298-151-03.pdf5.1 MB
    Drip/Sprinkler Resistant Installation for Power-Zone® 4 Low Voltage Switchgear (Version 1.0) 27/09/11 English 80298-003-02.pdf2.2 MB
    Power-Zone 4 Arc Resistant Switchgear (Version 1.0) 09/11/18 English,  Spanish,  French 80298-180-03.pdf2 MB
    Empty Compartment Kit Installation Using Masterpact NT/MTZ1 Circuit Breakers for Power-Zone 4 Switchgear and Power-Style QED-6 Switchboards (Version 1.0) 09/11/18 English,  Spanish,  French 80298-022-07.pdf216.1 KB
    Primary High Current Injection (Version 1.0) 09/11/18 English,  Spanish,  French 80043-703-02.pdf2.4 MB
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