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    Rotary encoders

    Opto-electronic rotary encoders for all counting, position and speed information requirements

    • Features

      Incremental encoders:
      • Calculation of position and/or speed by counting pulses per revolution,
      • Parameterable version (resolution 256 to 80 000 points).
      Absolute single turn encoders:
      • Reading position within a revolution
      Absolute multiturn encoders:
      • Reading position within a revolution and indication of the number of revolutions
      Communicating absolute multiturn encoders:
      • Reading position and speed with CANopen or PROFIBUS-DP communication interface

      Main characteristics:
      • Reliability provided by in-line (3 heads) differential optical reading, high tolerance to: the accumulation of dirt, temperature and ageing.
      Incremental and absolute encoders:
      • 3 housing diameters: 40, 58 and 90 mm
      • 2 shaft types: modular solid or through shafts using reduction collars
      • All resolutions: from 100 to 80 000 points
      Communicating absolute multiturn encoders:
      • Housing diameter: 58 mm
      • 2 shaft types: modular solid or hollow shafts using reduction collars
      • Resolution: 8192 points /4096 turns
      • Integration in the SyCon software environment.


      More simple and open to communication networks

      A range of innovate rotary encoders that are open to field BUS and made much more simple to parameter the resolution.


      • Packaging, cutting machines, robots, cranes, materials handling, automatic dispensers, printing shops, continuous processes, conveyor systems...

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