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38kV switchgear for transformer substations in wind farms.

DVCAS is a modular, customizable gas-insulated switchgear solution for transformer protection and as an RMU in wind farms. This reliable UL listed product line is arc resistant, providing maximum protection for operations personnel.

  • Features

    DVCAS switchgear is built as compact function groups, made up by a combination of switchgear modules. Each module consists of an operating mechanism and relay compartment, an MV cable compartment, a stainless steel, gas-tight tank which uses SF6 gas to insulate the vacuum circuit breaker, busbar system, and integrated 3-position grounding switch. The combined modules are installed on a metal base frame, which allows for the group to be dropped in place as a single unit.

    Electrical and Construction Data:

    • Rated voltage: 38kV
    • Insulation level:
    • Power frequency withstand voltage: 70kV
    • Lightning impulse withstand voltage: 150kV peak
    • Rated current: 630A
    • Short time withstand current: 20kA / 3s
    • Short circuit breaking current capacity: 20kA
    • Optional arc resistant: internal arc classification (IAC) AFL 20kA / 1s
    • Module width: < 600 mm


    Choosing DVCAS switchgear ensures the safety and reliability of your wind farm through the experience of a world leader in the field of wind power.

    Experience in wind farms:

    • More than 8,200 transformer substations
    • More than 450 collection substations
    • Installed base totaling over 10500 MW.

    Take advantage of DVCAS to maximize reliability and service continuity, improve safety conditions for operations personnel, and reduce cost through simple installation and reduced maintenance.


    DVCAS has been specifically designed to meet all the needs of 38kV networks in wind farms. Primary uses are for transformer protection and as an RMU inside wind turbines.

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