QED-2 Low Voltage Switchboard

A versatile and customizable service entrance and power distribution solution with applications in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors.

  • Features

    The QED-2 is an engineering-to-order product popular across Canada and the US. Our engineers will be delighted to design a solution tailored to your specific needs and requirements!

    Standard features

    • Types of entry: cables, busway, transformer or Hydro vault stub
    • Ampacity ratings: 400A - 5000 A
    • System voltage: 208Y/120V, 480Y/277V and 600Y/347V
    • Fault current rating up to 200kA RMS
    • Systems: 3Ø4W or 3Ø3W
    • NEMA Type 1 or Type 3R enclosures
    • Certified as per CSA 22.2 No. 31
    • Utility compartment as per Canadian Utilities requirements
    • Suitable for use as service entrance equipment, as per CSA requirements
    • Molded case Powerpact P and R as mains or feeders
    • Stored energy Masterpact NW Fixed and Drawout as mains or feeders
    • Bolt-Lock switch as mains or feeders
    • QMQB fixed fusible switch as mains or feeders
    • Group mounted circuit breakers and fusible switches
    • Integrated I-line, QMQB, QMB and MQS distribution panels
    • Thermal-magnetic and electronic circuit breakers current limiting capability
    • MicrologicTM trip circuit breakers
    • Zone selective interlocking on Micrologic circuit breakers
    • PowerLogic® system customer metering with communications capability and interwiring
    • Main-tie-Main and Automatic Transfer Scheme
    • Back-to-Back distributions
    • Optional start-up service and training

    Custom engineered solutions

    • Ampacity ranges up to 6000A
    • Toronto Hydro THESS collector entry
    • Integrated automatic transfer switch (ATS)
    • Multiple through bus
    • Customizable incoming lug-pads
    • Reduced height
    • Custom Back-to-Back line-up
    • Distribution below/above main
    • And many more!


    The QED-2 is a robust, customizable solution for all your power distribution and control needs. Its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of users and applications



    • Commercial Buildings
    • Textile
    • Manufacturing
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Water Wastewater
    • Automotive
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Data Centers
    • Commercial office buildings
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Condominiums