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Instakit starters

IEC starters from 9A to 800A

IEC style combination and non combination starters from 9A to 800A.

Instakit starters
  • Features

    Instakits include:
    -  Type 1 general purpose or type 12 dust tight enclosures
    -  Maintenance-free TeSys D, IEC contactor
    -  Class 10 or 20 overload relay with manual or auto reset
    -  Common operator interface kits for type 1 or 12 enclosures
    -  Provision for a control transformer kit in same size enclosure
    -  Compact space saver design
    -  Easy component access on shallow base with removable cover
    -  Conduit entry knockouts located on all four sides
    -  Padlock provision
    -  Fusible type featuring type 2 coordination
    -  Breaker type featuring PowerPact eMCP
    -  Flange-mounted switch or breaker mechanism
    -  Easy component access with hinged and removable door
     Local control features
    -  Pre-wired, ready-to-operate Instakits
    -  Pushbuttons, pilot lights and selector switches
    -  One, two or three pilot devices
    -  Instakits rated EEMAC type 12 when used with type 12 enclosures
    Local and Remote control adapters allow easy connection to external signals as well as cover mounted pilot devices.
     Plug-in transformers
    -  Pre-wired and ready to install
    -  Fits in same size enclosure
    -  Control block and fuse included
     Meets UL and CSA requirements



    The Instakits line of IEC magnetic starters allows factory-wired starters to be conveniently assembled from your local distributor’s stock. Instakits starters are completely pre-wired to a universal connector, which allows for quick installation of plug-in options. Choose from a wide selection of push-button kits, control transformers and user-friendly connectors for reliable remote control.


    Industry, infrastructure, buildings, etc
    All machines requiring
    - DOL starting or motor stopping.-