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Schneider Eletric

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Modicon Momentum - 170ADO34000C

Conformal coating

Schneider Eletric
View all Modicon Momentum
Modicon Momentum - 170ADO34000C
Conformal coating

discrete output module Modicon Momentum - Conformal coating - 16 O solid state

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  • Main
    range of product
    Modicon Momentum automation platform
    product or component type
    Discrete output base DC
    group of channels
    2 groups of 8 outputs
    discrete output number
    discrete output type
    Solid state switch
    discrete output voltage
    24 V DC
    current per channel
    <= 0.5 A
    short-circuit protection
    Outputs electronically protected
    protective treatment
    Conformal coating Humiseal 1A33
    System Voltage
    24 V DC
    discrete output current
    4 A per group
    8 A per module
    leakage current
    < 1 mA 24 V DC
    surge current
    5 A 1 ms
    voltage drop
    < 0.5 V 0.5 A at state 1
    output overload protection
    Outputs electronically protected
    response time
    0.1 ms from state 0 to state 1
    0.1 ms from state 1 to state 0
    isolation between channels and bus
    500 V AC
    power dissipation
    3.5 W typical
    4.5 W maximum
    local signalling
    16 LEDs channel status
    current consumption
    250 mA 24 V DC
    terminals description PLC n°1
    1.87 in (47.5 mm)
    5.57 in (141.5 mm)
    4.92 in (125 mm)
    product weight
    0.46 lb(US) (0.21 kg)
    product certifications
    FM Class 1 Division 2
    resistance to electrostatic discharge
    4 kV contact IEC 801-2
    8 kV on air IEC 801-2
    resistance to electromagnetic fields
    9.14 V/yd (10 V/m) 80...1000 MHz IEC 801-3
    ambient air temperature for operation
    32...140 °F (0...60 °C)
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -40...185 °F (-40...85 °C)
    relative humidity
    95 % without condensation
    operating altitude
    <= 16404.2 ft (5000 m)
    Offer Sustainability
    RoHS (date code: YYWW)
    Contractual warranty
    Warranty period
    18 months
  • Documents and Downloads

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    User guide
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    Modicon Momentum I/O Base, User Guide (Version 20)
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    CSA_225844_2591646_MOMENTUM_AUG2017 (Version 1.0)
    EAC_RUCFRME83B00168_MOMENTUM_DEC2014 (Version 1.0)
    Hazloc_cCSAus_225844_70159012_Momentum_feb2018 (Version 1.0)
    UL E486184 - NRAQ-NRAQ7 (Version 1.0)
    Date 11/02/19
    Size 395.6 KB
    Declaration of conformity
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    DCC_MOMENTUM_JUL2016 (Version 1.0)
    Date 06/08/18
    Size 469.1 KB
    ACMA_RCM_MOMENTUM_AUG2013 (Version 1.0)
    Date 19/06/18
    Size 87.5 KB
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  • Dimensions Drawings

    Standard Adapter on a Typical Base

  • Mounting and Clearance

    Mounting on a Wall

  • Connections and Schema

    External Wiring Diagrams
    2-Wire Actuator

    3-Wire Actuator

    Internal Pin Connections

    Rows 1 through 3 show the internal connections between terminals on the I/O base. Row 4 shows the internal connections on the optional busbar.