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    Inventory and Demand Management Solutions

    Fuel tanker truck


    As a supplier, your #1 job is protecting your valuable inventory. Not only do you need an automated solution which controls, monitors and reports on what leaves the terminal, but also a solution that does the same when product arrives.
    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric solutions allow you to manage credit limits and product allocations for customers and trading partners, at proprietary and third-party terminals. We offer the only solution that automates aggregation, translation, and delivery of inventory- and pipeline-related data from proprietary and third-party networks, with no manual data gathering or entry required.
    • Value Proposition

      • Authorize or deny a customer trying to load fuel at a terminal, based on pre-defined controls, reducing risk of credit losses and inventory runs.
      • Flexibly manage your business the way you need to, by customers or groups of customers, by terminal or across terminals.
      • An instant, updated view of rack demand helps you manage supply, and recognize new sales opportunities.
      • Enhance decisions enterprise-wide with digitally-shared insight.
      • Reduce inefficient processes, such as manual data gathering and entry.
      • Standardize data delivered from disparate sources for better visibility and easier integration with your existing infrastructure.
    • Differentiation

      • The industry’s first automated inventory data gathering system for downstream petroleum.
      • Proactive alerts sent via email or mobile device notify you when an allocation is nearing a specified percentage of exhaustion, allowing you to fix potential issues before a limit is reached.
      • Real-time electronic bills of lading (eBOLs) are available within minutes of loading — expediting customer invoicing.
      • Our protocol was developed by industry majors and is supported by more than 95% of the terminal automation systems on the market.


    • Gasoline truck

      Improve customer service

      Share real-time allocation balances, terminal outages, and low-level supply warnings through a powerful customer touch point.
    • Fuel tankers

      Optimize margins and sales

      with highly accurate, real-time supply and pricing information, clearly displayed to help you capitalize on opportunities.
    • Truck on the open road

      Increase operational efficiencies

      automate inventory and pipeline data management with the first solution of it’s kind in the industry.