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      Uncovering cost-control options in regulated and deregulated energy markets

      Regulated Charge Analytics

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      Energy savings hide in the places you don’t look.
      Many of your sites are in regulated markets where there are no third-party suppliers and no competition. Instead, you have one option to meet your energy needs – the local utility – where your rate isn’t necessarily negotiable. You’re eager to control operating costs, but you’re not exactly sure where to look or even what you’re looking for.
      • Improving Your Business

        Many believe that the regulated energy market in North America offers no opportunity for cost savings. In fact, in markets where third party supply isn't an option cost control methods provide energy savings. Many of these methods can be applied regardless of the market structure. Schneider Electric's thorough approach to finding energy savings opportunities leaves no stone unturned. Our energy consultants analyze a variety of optimization opportunities, and then match your energy usage and business needs to the most advantageous utility options.
      • Why Schneider Electric?

        • Analyze opportunities for clients operating in regulated markets, or deregulated markets with tariff-based network charges 
        • Outline current and potential tariffs available to a client to establish the most advantageous rate based on usage and business circumstances 
        • Uncover tax opportunities, as well as applicable rebate and incentive programs
        • Research optimization initiatives, such as power factor and demand/capacity issues
      • Difference You Deserve

        • Our database contains unparalleled knowledge of the tariff rates for thousands of U.S. utilities
        • Dozens of our specialists collaborate to serve clients
        • Analysts assigned to specific markets, utilities and regulatory bodies remain aware of opportunities within specific utilities and geographies
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      Tariff rate analysis is one of the many tools used to identify cost control opportunities in and out of regulated energy markets. A broader approach can reveal a number of different avenues to prepare for current and future energy costs regardless of market structure. One or more applications can be used as the key to a move proactive energy management strategy.


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        Rest easy knowing the best tariff rate is in place for each site's energy usage and operational needs
      • Business people working on computers, facility management software, internet of things.
        Communicate with our Risk Managers to discuss market developments
      • Wind turbine and power collection grid substation, smart grid, energy access.
        Leverage your usage pattern with the utility for better contract terms or rate structures
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        Identify energy-related tax exemptions that may lead to significant savings
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        Have confidence in the accuracy of your utility invoices with our robust auditing process
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        Relax as we resolve invoice errors on your behalf