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    Leverage your current operating budget for building retrofit opportunities

    Infrastructure Modernization Program

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    Traditional service repair costs are unpredictable with high end of life replacement costs.
    During these challenging economic times, you face limited resources with minimal capital funding for your aging facility infrastructure. For the ongoing care and upkeep of your building, restricted financing options can require you to adopt a reactive maintenance model with limited opportunities for implementing building improvements. This path can lead to unpredictable repair costs and a lower-functioning facility.
    • Solutions

      This planned maintenance can include a range of options from retrofits to embedded improvements to help you maintain and improve the value of your building and its installed systems. Additionally, this offering also allows you to maximize energy savings, improve productivity, plus create a more comfortable working environment.With the Infrastructure Modernization Program, you’ll benefit from traditional building system optimization and continuous care, plus annual phased retrofit installations that will start your building on its way to becoming a higher-performing facility.
    • Value Proposition

      Schneider Electric planned maintenance provides a road map for long-term, predictable life cycle costs
    • Differentiation

      The Schneider Electric™ Infrastructure Modernization Program creates opportunities to provide for ongoing technology and efficiency upgrades through customized service plans funded out of your operating budget.
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    Phased transition or retrofit improvement examples:

    • Adding controls to buildings without automation
    • Building Analytics “make ready” installations
    • Building automation enhancements
    • CCTV analog to IP conversions
    • Electrical vehicle charging stations
    • Energy improvements (boilers, chillers, pumps, etc.)
    • Energy monitoring dashboards
    • Legacy BMS upgrades to latest technology
    • Lighting control
    • Metering and sensor installations
    • Renewable/photovoltaic solutions
    • Retrofit variable frequency drives (VFDs)
    • Security retrofits


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       Keep pace with building and energy efficiency technologies
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      Improve your building's competitive edge
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       Fixed-cost life cycle improvements
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      Risk-free timely refurbishments