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    Operation and Maintenance

    For your building systems

    • White Paper - Predictive Maintenance Strategy for Building Operations: A Better Approach

      Maintenance costs account for almost as large a percentage of a facility’s operating budget as energy expenses. But usually this money is spent inefficiently with a reactive “wait till it breaks” approach. This paper shows how a proactive, predictive maintenance approach coupled with analytics can reduce a building’s maintenance and energy costs by up to 20%.
      The pros and cons of different approaches to maintenance are discussed, as well as practical guidance on deciding whether to develop a smart services plan in-house or outsource it.

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    • Service Plans

      With our On-Demand Repair and Preventive Maintenance Service Plans, we are committed to support your facility and achieve the highest level of performance throughout your building's entire life cycle.

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    • Terms & Conditions

      Master Service Agreement planned and / or routine maintenance services provided under this agreement will be performed during normal working hours unless specifically stated in the contract.

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    • Customer Story - Pennsylvania Convention Center

      Seizing an opportunity to boost the regional economy while increasing scaleable floor space at the convention center, the owner embarked on an expansion project that also took advantage of innovative technologies and systems.

      Read more: Customer Story - Pennsylvania Convention Center
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      You need to keep your building systems performing optimally, while working with limited budgetary maintenance resources. Overcome operational issues that may have started at the beginning of your building’s life cycle. With a strategic focus on building’s performance, Schneider Electric can optimize your operations and improve efficiencies to lower costs throughout the life of your facility.
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      Our Operation and Maintenance Solutions

      Bring the costs and risks of building operations and maintenance activities under control.

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Value proposition icon Benefits Reduced downtime – Rapid response times ensure equipment is back up and operational as quickly and efficiently as possible. Longer equipment lifecycle – Regular service and maintenance extends equipment life and can prevent potential problems. Single source solutions – Replace coordination of a myriad of vendors with comprehensive technical and energy support services from Schneider Electric – a proven partner resource. Minimize unexpected expenses – Inclusive service plan packages take the guesswork out of maintenance budgeting. Accurate diagnosis and repair – A dedicated technical support team has direct access to the engineers. Quick and reliable response – Timely service, readily available factory-certified replacement parts, and skilled technicians ensure the quality and reliability of your equipment.