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    Achieve peace of mind and the highest level of performance throughout your building’s life cycle.

    Service Plans

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    Your needs.
    • Keeping building systems at optimal levels to increase energy efficiency and occupant safety and comfort
    • Reducing equipment issue risk and simultaneously smoothing operational budget spend and repair expenses
    • Solutions

      Building System Service Plans are offered in a tiered structure with standard or completely custom level scopes of work. In the event that additional repairs are required, you can always count on receiving a priority response as a Service Plan client. Depending upon the program level selected, your coverage may vary and can include: parts and materials, corrective repair labor, and a guaranteed response.
    • Value Proposition

      Our Service Plans help simplify your workload.
    • Differentiation

      By selecting a Schneider Electric™ preventive maintenance program, you will get access to highly trained and experienced technicians with the proven procedures and technical skills to handle all your equipment repair and building systems maintenance. We’ll also take care of the work schedule to make sure that assets are always running in top form, extending equipment life and reducing unexpected downtime.


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      Provides fixed-cost life cycle solution with overall reduction in operation and maintenance costs
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      Improves performance and extends equipment life
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      Increases reliability for reduction in downtime and nuisance alarms
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      Guaranteed response and access to expertise for troubleshooting and repair in case of failure
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      Optionally, Service Plans can include introduction of timely refurbishments at risk-free predictable costs to improve building’s competitive edge by keeping current with new technologies