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    Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Testing Services

    Nothing operates without a reliable flow of electricity.

    • Service Plans Enhance the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Programs

      Preventive maintenance programs are typically transaction based and equipment focused. Service plans expand upon preventive maintenance programs and add value by focusing on the electrical system. Download this white paper for more information.

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    • Enhance Power Equipment Reliability with Predictive Maintenance Technologies

      Predictive maintenance technologies enable companies to perform an effective amount of maintenance at an appropriate or practical time. Download this white paper for more information.

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    • Reduce Electrical Equipment Breakdowns

      Maximize electrical reliability with maintenance and testing services from Schneider Electric.

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      Every facility should know what the monetary impact of an unplanned outage means to their operation. However, when an event happens, the focus is usually on restoring power as quickly as possible and at all costs. Often, the tangible and intangible costs are not accounted for. The best way to avoid this financial impact is to reduce the risk of an unplanned outage.
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      Electrical Safety Solutions Brochure

      Schneider Electric has been proactively engaged in electrical workplace safety and compliance since the beginning of arc flash requirements. Many of our engineers are leaders in CSA, IEEE, NFPA, and other power system standard-making organizations.
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      Maintenance and Testing Services

      Any brand. Any industry. Any time.

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Value proposition icon Maximize Electrical Reliability Studies of electrical equipment show a strong correlation between the level of maintenance to electrical reliability. The ultimate goal is to maximize equipment performance and minimize power outage or interruptions to operations or service.
      • Value proposition icon Minimize Downtime Lack of preventive maintenance on its electrical systems places a facility in a “run-to-failure” or “breakdown” mode. To help ensure reliable operation and minimize downtime, periodic maintenance, cleaning and lubrication is required.


      • SE Default icon Our nationwide network of field service representatives are qualified as per local and national requirements and have the expertise to work on any manufacturer's equipment.
      • SE Default icon Regularly-scheduled electrical preventive maintenance helps companies meet the requirements of CSA, OSHA, NFPA 70E and other authorities having jurisdiction.
      • SE Default icon Schneider Electric has been honoured with several safety awards including the National Safety Council’s Robert W. Campbell Award and the Green Cross for Safety Medal.