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    Monitoring the condition of electrical equipment provides trending data to help anticipate and plan maintenance activities.

    Predictive Maintenance Technologies

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The most common causes of electrical equipment breakdowns are:

1) Mechanical Failure
2) Environmental Conditions
3) Work Improperly Performed

Source: Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company

  • Solutions

    Infrared Viewing Windows Overheating is frequently an early indication of electrical equipment damage or breakdown. Infrared scanning can detect invisible hot spots in electrical systems, which can decrease the potential for unexpected downtime. Typically, dead-front electrical panels must be removed to allow a clear view of connections to ensure the integrity of the results. Our infrared windows and panel covers reduce the need to remove panels or covers for infrared and visual inspections since they are permanently retrofit into the electrical equipment. Once installed, infrared inspections can be performed safely and without downtime.

    Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Provides continuous online temperature monitoring of critical connection points in electrical equipment. Wireless sensors are installed into low- and medium-voltage equipment during a planned outage. Once in place, sensors transmit temperature data that provides operations and maintenance personnel with a means to:
    • Evaluate the present condition of the equipment and determine its operational status
    • Detect abnormal conditions, such as heat rise, at an early stage and initiate corrective actions
    Partial Discharge Monitoring A leading indicator of insulation breakdown, partial discharge occurs in electrical equipment under high voltage stress, usually 2,000 V or greater (higher voltages yield more potential for damage or downtime). Partial Discharge Monitoring Technology detects impending insulation breakdown and provides early warning alarms. Sensors are installed during a planned outage and wired to a monitoring unit, which can be tied into an existing SCADA system via open protocol. Web hosting is also available. Partial Discharge technology is applicable on equipment rated 5 kV to 500 kV where the age of the insulation would be cause for concern.

    Insulating Fluid Analysis An oil analysis detects the breakdown of the oil paper insulating system in transformers and other potential issues. Optimum intervals for oil processing, repairs or replacement can then be determined.

    Transformer Temperature Monitoring The Model 98A digital temperature controller from Schneider Electric continuously monitors up to three Type K thermocouples in the windings of a dry type transformer and includes automatic fan activation, alarming and high temperature trip. Temperature monitoring helps to improve transformer life expectancy by reducing overload heat damage which could lead to costly downtime.

    Intelligent Protective Device Upgrading circuit breakers and motor control centers with smart technology provides the current state of the equipment to better plan maintenance activities. Solutions include:
    • Electronic trip units or circuit monitors for circuit breakers
    • Intelligent motor starters for motor control centers

    Circuit Monitor Analysis Circuit monitors record data relating to voltage, current, and power. Our power system engineers will analyze the data to help determine where and when destructive transients, sags and swells can occur. Their report will also include corrective recommendations.

  • Value Proposition

    Having regular access to the current state of electric equipment provides valuable information to determine when maintenance should be performed.
  • Differentiation

    Whether you need emergency response or routine maintenance and testing, count on Schneider Electric for full-service coverage anywhere in the United States. Our maintenance and testing services are qualified according to local, provincial and federal requirements and have the expertise to work on any manufacturer's electrical
    distribution equipment.