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    Power Quality Engineering Assessment

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  • Technologies such as variable frequency drives (VFD) and robotic welders are designed to lower energy costs, but they also can give rise to unwanted harmonics and transients within an electrical system. 
  • Lack of proper grounding translates into an increased chance of fire, data and equipment losses, process anomalies, plant shutdowns, and workplace safety hazards.
  • Electrical distribution equipment is subject to degradation due to age, environmental stresses, and heat.
  • Solutions

    Schneider Electric Engineering Services offers power system assessments enable you to make more informed decisions when managing your electrical system. Performed by experienced professional engineers, our assessment services provide valuable information on the ‘present state’ of the power distribution system.

    Power Quality Analysis: Our registered professional engineers will document the symptoms, examine damaged equipment, assess the power and grounding in the area, collect data using temporary monitors, and develop a report of findings that identifies the most probable cause. The report will include cost-effective mitigation recommendations to prevent future occurrences of the problem.

    Power System Grounding Evaluation: Components of a grounding system are subject to corrosion due to electro-chemical, electrolytic, or chemical reactions. Facilities that have sensitive electronic equipment are particularly vulnerable to disruptions. Our power system engineers will develop a scope of work to address your area(s) of concern.

    Equipment Condition Evaluation, Risk Assessment, and Contingency Planning: Our professional engineers produce a basic equipment condition evaluation by visually inspecting the equipment during a walk-through of the facility. For each non-optimum condition identified, a measure of risk can be defined. A contingency plan identifies a power system’s key components (major assets) and evaluates available alternatives, in case of a major asset loss. It also produces an action plan to be.