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      Versatile, reliable, and cost-effective outdoor circuit breaker solutions for a variety of applications.

      Medium Voltage Station Breakers

      Versatile, reliable, and cost-effective outdoor circuit breaker solutions for a variety of applications.

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      Increasing service quality with an ever rising demand for electricity. There is a constant balance of the improvement of service quality with reduction in operation cost in electrical distribution. Utilities are increasingly under pressure to make more with less, and maintain the highest standard of service. What your company needs is a highly reliable and long-lasting outdoor substation circuit breaker solution for a wide range of applications and demands.
      • Solutions

        Outdoor substations require reliable and high-endurance circuit breakers to reduce the cost of inspection and maintenance. Schneider Electric provides a combination of time-tested design with state-of-the-art interrupting technology for a superior outdoor substation circuit breaker solution. Utilize these technologies to improve cost, maximize reliability, and reduce service time.
      • Value Proposition

        • Flexible and easy to upgrade solutions when complex protection is needed
        • Cost-effective choices for both dead and live tank applications
        • High-endurance operators and mechanisms to increase inspection intervals
      • Differentiation

        • Proven experience from traditional distribution to decentralized generation (windfarms) with Outdoor Substation Circuit Breakers applicable to the relevant standards from IEC to IEEE
        • Constant focus on safety and ergonomics, with arc-resistant designs and easy access indicators and low-voltage cabinets
        • Reduce life-time costs through superior reliability and reduced maintenance for a variety of applications and network demands
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      However high the demand, Utilities are expected to maintain the highest standard of service and continuity for their network. Schneider Electric can provide cost-effective, robust, and reliable solution for your needs. With over 100 years of experience in electric distribution, from renewable energy generation to traditional distribution, we have proven to be a trusted provider of Outdoor Substation Circuit Breaker solutions.


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        • Reduce life-time cost of ownership of your substation
        • Maximize revenue with increased uptime and reliable switchgear
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        • Robust designs to withstand harsh environments with no increase in maintenance
        • Employ the best combination of new, proven, and economical technology for the most reliable networks
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        • Implement reliable solutions to provide the best quality of service for your customers
        • Increase flexibility with easy to upgrade technology when complex protection schemes are required