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    Water – a critical factor

    The increase in sustainability and environmental regulations will extend the need to control and monitor water throughout the entire mine life-cycle, while a decline in the grade of mined materials will increase the intensity of mineral processes and the resulting use of water.

    • Solutions

      Water Analytics: Transform water data into actionable information.

      • Telemetry: Monitor and control operations such as water quality, water levels, and pumping across widely dispersed and/or inaccessible areas.
      • Mobility Inspection Tools: Use mobility tools for water inspections and rounds, especially at non-instrumented locations.
      • Weather Forecast: Understand and anticipate critical weather affecting water management.
      • Sustainability Portal: Get a single picture of all water and sustainability projects and their performance for all your plants and sites.
    • Value Proposition

      Water management requires a holistic, enterprise-wide approach, and Schneider Electric’s portfolio of water strategies and solutions will give you all the tools necessary to leverage water as a business variable.
    • Differentiation

      • Customizable for specific needs
      • Scalable from small mines to global operations
      • An open platform for integration with third party instruments and software


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      Exceed your environmental objectives
      Respond quickly to water incidents
      Proactive monitoring
    • Gas drilling installation, oil and gas, mining industry
      Minimize dependence on external contractors for water data collection and analysis
      Improved quality and timeliness of water reporting
    • Lake, water management
      Continuous improvement in water management