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    Environmental Management

    Environmental Management

    Lake, water management

    Understand, respond, protect

    The impact of mining activities on the environment and the resulting regulatory and community pressure has forced the industry to move quickly toward more sustainable operations. But the task of gathering and analyzing environmental data is complex and the path forward is not always clear.
    • Solutions

      Mine Environmental Management Ecosystem
      • Real-time monitoring and alerting (Water, Emissions, Energy, Dust, Noise)
      • Mobile/ automated inspection tools (Standard Procedures, Access to Non-Instrumented Areas Support for visual inspections)
      • Weather integration (Rain, Evaporation, Humidity, Wind, Heat)
      • Trends and Reporting
    • Value Proposition

      Proactive monitoring, reporting and real-time alerting thanks to our integrated and scalable solution addressing the different aspects of the environmental management.
    • Differentiation

      • Customizable for specific needs
      • Scalable (small mines to global operations)
      • Open platform (Integration with third party instruments, software)


    • Cement factory at night, cement production.
      Exceed your environmental objectives Environmental incident responsiveness Proactive monitoring
    • Gas drilling installation, oil and gas, mining industry
      Cost reduction and dependence on external contractors for environmental data collection and analysis Better quality and timely environmental reporting
    • Entrance to zion valley, mining industry, waste water
      Continuous improvement in environmental management