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    E-House - The Power Distribution Solution

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    Achieving safe and efficient operations

    Safe and reliable power distribution is critical in O&G operations, from onshore/offshore production to petrochemical plants. Without it, operators could see production come to a halt, personnel safety compromised, and profits significantly reduced

    • Solutions

      The Electrical House (E-House) integrates power and control equipment into a compact module, incorporating switchgear, motor control centers and variable-speed drives, creating a complete, intelligent building management and control solution.

    • Value Proposition

      E-House is a factory-integrated, tested, validated, compact power distribution solution. It is a unique solution that integrates our electrical and mechanical expertise, for services from engineering to  commissioning.

    • Differentiation

      • Up to 50% space savings.
      • Up to 30% energy savings.
      • A complete energy management solution, compliant with market standards, featuring experienced, certified engineering teams.
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    Schneider Electric's E-House incorporates switchgear, motor control centers, variable-speed drives, intelligent relays and energy meters, dry transformers, batteries, UPS, and complete intelligent building management and control solutions.


    • Stock market analysis, finance, sustainability reporting.
      • Project risk reduction
      • Reduced time and costs
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      • Enhanced safety
      • Improved use of space
    • Data center room, data center management.
      • Scalability