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    Enhance and extend the life of your electrical infrastructure.

    Electrical Modernization and Upgrades

    Enhance and Extend the Life of Your Electrical Infrastructure

    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric has designed unique solutions to modernize your electrical infrastructure in order to extend its life and add functionality for safe, reliable, high quality power - without the need for wholesale replacement of existing assets.

    • Value Proposition

      • Reduce costs and downtime through renewal programs
      • Maximize energy efficiency and power quality
      • Lower life-cycle costs and extend life of assets
      • Improve personnel safety
    • Differentiation

      • Multiple manufacturer solutions
      • Consolidation of parts with multiple fit solutions 
      • Over 10,000 power system assessments, studies and designs
      • Over 40 years of industry leading knowledge and experience
      • Experienced team of energy, power delivery and process specialists
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    Electrical Modernization and Upgrade Solutions ...

    From simple equipment replacement to turnkey solutions, Schneider Electric can help enhance your facilities' capabilities and extend the life your assets. Our solutions increase safety, lower life-cycle costs, and maximize system reliability - without disruptive costly wholesale replacements of your electrical infrastructure.