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    Weather for Utilities

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Weather, particularly severe weather, can substantially impact your operations.

Lightning strikes substations, wind topples branches, ice snaps lines, and hurricanes can be catastrophic. All of these weather conditions can leave thousands without power. In addition, more than any other factor, weather drives demand and price.
  • Solutions

    Schneider Electric’s complete suite of solutions for electric utilities help you to better anticipate potential outages due to severe weather and lightning, and make better load forecasting decisions.
  • Value Proposition

    Schneider Electric's weather solutions deliver reliable and accurate weather forecasts to help utilities:

    • Improve grid stability through better load and generation forecasting
    • Reliable load forecast data feeds fueled by the top-rated temperature forecasts in the industry
    • Specialized wind and solar power forecasts available for utilities to better optimize usage of renewable energy sources

    Better anticipate potential outages due to severe weather, reduce service interruptions, and better schedule crews:

    • Help pre-position crews for optimal post-storm response to outages
    • Make more informed mutual assistance decisions
    • Reduce outage duration and revenue loss, while improving customer satisfaction
  • Differentiation

    • Power your load forecasting engine with the top-rated temperature forecasts in the industry
    • Customizable weather alerts, so you can easily stay on top of changing conditions at your exact location
    • Online consultations with professional meteorologists, providing you answers to your weather questions within minutes, day or night
    • Critical weather information and alerts available anywhere - via personal computer, tablet, or smartphone device


  • Thermometer covered in snow is showing the weather temperature is at zero degrees.
    Improve load forecasting decisions with the industry's most accurate temperature forecasts for the last nine consecutive years, based on an independent study
  • Storm damage left electrical pole leaning on and pulling wires, electrical power distribution.

    Be more confident in your decisions with exclusive, online consultations with our professional meteorologists, for fast answers to your important weather questions, any time of the day or night

  • Man working on power lines, access to energy, electric power distribution.
    Pre-position crews and better anticipate issues with patented, customizable weather alerts for your service territory, via email or mobile device