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    EcoStruxure™ for Wastewater Treatment Plants: Electrical Distribution

    Safe and intelligent power solutions enable better control of MV/LV electrical distribution. Secure power solutions ensure reliable power supply to critical equipment.

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    McCormick Commission of Public Works

    Power management controls energy costs and distributed generation.

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    MV/LV Electrical Distribution

    Approximately one-third of a wastewater treatment plant’s overall OPEX can be attributed to energy costs, with the biggest part being electricity.

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    Solution and Benefits

    Adapt your architecture to process criticality and continuity of service. Additionally, secure your power delivery with back-up generator management and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This additional layer of protection keeps plants’ critical equipment running and protects against data loss.

    > Increase reliability
    > Optimize power quality
    > Reduce energy cost
    > Optimize energy usage
    • Masterpact MTZ

      Future-Ready for the Connected World.

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      Secure Power & IT

      The risk of power interruptions may lead to public health issues or environmental damage and can create expensive contamination costs in a competitive and cost-constrained water market.

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      Solution and Benefits

      Electrical network designers and operators in water/wastewater treatment plants must ensure high-quality, secure power for all critical processes while operating and maintaining safe and reliable water/wastewater treatment plants.

      > Maintain continuity of power
      > Host IT infrastructure

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      Power Monitoring and PQM

      Unexpected power distribution failures can waste valuable time and incur significant losses. We offer unique solutions to ensure issues are identified and solved before they cause serious problems in your operations.

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      Solution and Benefits

      Power quality monitoring systems check power factor, harmonic distortion (mainly created by LV drives), and catch disturbances.

      Supporting you in running your operations smoothly and without surprise complications.

      > Manage and improve energy availability, reliability and efficiency
      > Optimize power distribution infrastructure
      > Maximize operational efficiency and improve bottom-line performance
      > Monitor power quality, correction and optimization
      > Industry-oriented, aligned with ISO standards

      EcoStruxure™ Success Story

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      • McCormick Commission of Public Works

        Power management controls energy costs and distributed generation.

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