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    Global Adjustment

    Solutions for class A customers participating in the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI)

  • Global Adjustment Solution

    The Global Adjustment solution helps you understand and receive notifications when a potential provincial peak demand hour will occur and see the impact demand response can have on your facility

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FAN2045867-980x890 The energy environment has changed...

  • • Higher energy demand 
  • • Record high energy costs 
  • • Distributed generation growth 
  • • Renewable generation now accounts for 75 % of all new generation installations 
  • • Extreme Weather

Requiring utilities to change with it...

  • • Aging Infrastructure
  • • Grid Instability & Brown-outs 
  • • High-end Cyber Security 
  • • Incentives & Rebate programs to reduce Peak Demand

Distributed generation integration Creating opportunities for consumers…

  • • Alternative energy sources 
  • • Capacity & Peak Management 
  • • Energy Efficiency & Sustainability 
  • • Information Management & Digitization
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Global Adjustment Solution Portfolio

Why work with Schneider Electric

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    Power Management

    Providing cost-effective solutions that maximize power reliability, while optimizing equipment and energy costs.

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    Your Energy Partner

    Energy Efficiency is in our DNA Let us stand with you to maximize your network reliability, optimize power distribution, and improve your bottom-line performance, through our expertise, innovative technologies and industry led solutions..


  • >500 kW Average hourly peak demand required to participate in ICI as a Class A Customer
  • $500,000 Savings potential per MW removed during top 5 peaks
  • 70% Global Adjustment charges can account for as much as 70% of your electricity bill
  • $1.2 million Approximate amount 1 MW of demand translates to on a yearly electricity bill
  • 35% Energy Savings on total energy costs through strategic peak demand management vs Class B customers using the same amount of energy