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    Prefabricated all-in-one data center infrastructure up to 100KW including power, cooling, racks, and management.

    Micro Data Centers

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    You need on-premise data processing utilizing local IT equipment to process and store data within your organization's local network.
    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric's Micro Data Centre solutions are self contained, secure computing environment assembled and tested in a factory environment. They ship in one enclosure and include all necessary power, cooling, security, and associated management tools (DCIM). Micro data centres are assembled and tested in a factory environment and offer configurations of a single 24U rack up to 10 42U racks.
    • Value Proposition

      • Fast to deploy
      • Simple to manage
      • Secure
      • Standardized
      • Cost effective
    • Differentiation

      • Fast and easy software integration from the physical layer
      • Configured and tested in a Schneider Electric factory prior to shipment
      • Vertically integrated physical infrastructure components.
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