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  • Making a wastewater plant more safe and reliable

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The Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP) works with technology partners who provide essential elements to our overall customer solutions.

Schneider Electric’s Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP) works with Strategic Partners around the world who provide essential components to our overall customer solutions.

This strong collaboration, between Schneider Electric and Gold Strategic Partner ProSoft Technology, is illustrated in a solution for Finnish water customer Lapuan Jätevesi Oy.

Formed in 1973, Lapuan Jätevesi Oy is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the health and hygiene of its local residents. It processes more than 6 million liters of household and industrial wastewater a day, and maintains municipal wastewater transfer pipelines, as well as a central wastewater treatment plant. 

Inevitably, the plant’s original control system, which was installed in 1992, crashed after 16 years of continuous operation. Lapuan Jätevesi Oy faced the challenge of upgrading or renewing the entire control system while simultaneously maintaining uninterrupted critical services to the area.

The challenge

Prior to this project, the processing plant used third-party controllers to monitor field I/Os and other devices that were connected via a PROFINET communication infrastructure. In order to ensure the proper functioning of numerous sub-processes throughout the plant, this customer was using Schneider Electric’s variable speed drives (VSD – ATV71) and motor control cells (MCC – M340). These MCCs had a communication front end that used Schneider’s proprietary protocol to communicate with their I/Os.

As time went on, the customer wanted to go a step further and establish unified process control to drive the automation system of the plant as well as its sub-plants. To do this, they asked Schneider Electric to integrate a cost-effective solution that would monitor and control the MCC field I/Os complementary to the VSD control. This required help from Strategic Partner Hilscher to translate the proprietary I/O signals into the standard PROFINET protocol used throughout the plant.

The solution

Lapuan Jätevesi Oy selected Schneider Electric to be the main contractor for this project because they were convinced that Schneider could implement the control system upgrade with minimal impact to ongoing operations. Schneider Electric then turned to Seinäjoen Teollisuussähkö Ky, an experienced system integrator in Finland, to help with automation programming, installation, and migration. This renewal project would include replacing the legacy control system’s logic controllers, communication bus, and control room software.

The customer’s specific requirements for the project included: 
  • Ease of solution installation and maintenance
  • System flexibility to adapt to fast changing regulations in the WWW industry 
  • Improvements of the overall system 
  • Compliance with the existing applications and methodologies of the original system

To address these requirements and ensure a satisfied customer, Schneider Electric designed a new solution that included six Premium controls running Monitor Pro 7.6 and using the Modbus TCP/IP network protocol. Wireless connectivity was provided by Schneider Electric’s CAPP Gold Strategic Partner, ProSoft Technology, and their RadioLinx industrial ethernet radios. The project took around six months to complete.

In addition, Schneider Electric added a new sludge drying centrifuge to accommodate changes in the wastewater treatment process at Lapuan. We also recommended a control system architecture that could easily be modified or complemented as needed. 

To save even more money for Lapuan, Schneider Electric ensured the new controls were as similar as possible to those in the old system. Some controls remained the same while others were added or modified. This saved the customer considerable time and expense in operator training.

The benefits

The industrial wireless networking option from CAPP Partner ProSoft Technology saved significant installation time and money by integrating seven separate locations into one single, tight network. The ProSoft wireless communication choice eliminated the needs to dig trenches for cable or to clean up existing cable paths and trays. According to system integrator Seinäjoen Teollisuussähkö Ky, the ProSoft wireless radios were easy to configure and mount.

All in all, this project was considered a great success because it saved Lapuan Jätevesi Oy a significant amount of valuable time and money, and enabled them to continue to provide their customers with the quality service they expected.

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