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    Getting the full value of your GIS investment

    Many utilities have invested significantly in GIS. Yet, staff turnover, an aging workforce, a lack of training, bad habits, complicated processes, and other factors can hinder performance and negatively impact users and efficiencies.

    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric's client service offerings provide a comprehensive portfolio of implementation, database, and consulting services to help  you get the most from your Geospatial solution investments.
    • Value Proposition

      Our team can provide a broad range of tasks in the implementation and integration of GIS systems; or we can provide proven consultation services for companies that choose to manage their own implementation efforts.  Based on your unique project needs, we offer a wide variety of implementation, database, and extended services.
    • Differentiation

      Our consultants have years of experience in helping our GIS clients optimize their investment for business results.  They are also experts in our ArcFM Solution suite, and are backed by the wealth of information our R&D team can provide.   Whatever your needs, we can deliver the technical skills and expertise that your organization requires.


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      Make the most of your investment, helping your team become more efficient, boost product performance, and streamline processes
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      Maintain a trouble-free, healthy ArcFM Solution geodatabase
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      Reduce downtime and safe guard critical systems and data with disaster preparedness and response plan
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      Increase performance and ensure health of your geodatabase