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    Collect, aggregate and analyze data to simply and efficiently manage your energy and power.

    Energy, Power and Sustainability Management Software

    • Êtes-vous prêt à gérer les mégadonnées relatives à l’énergie et à la durabilité au niveau de l'entreprise?

      Découvrez comment une plateforme de nuage peut collecter et cumuler les données de l’entreprise pour l’analyse, favorisant ainsi l’efficacité énergétique et la réduction des coûts

    • Un organisme sans but lucratif implémente le système d’information de gestion énergétique

      Earth Rangers a utilisé le logiciel pour obtenir une « bien meilleure connaissance de l’utilisation de l’énergie et l’intelligence nécessaire pour l’optimiser ». Découvrez comment...

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      You need to drive efficiency, both in costs and reliability. You need intuitive tools to manage your energy and power using a full lifecycle approach ranging from sustainability through efficiency and into real-time monitoring. You need scalable software solutions that evolve as your needs change, and services that can help you maximize your investment.
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      Software solutions to visualize your energy

      We work with you to understand your needs, and make recommendations on a strategy and a tailored technology solution that will enable you to achieve your energy and sustainability performance goals.
      • StruxureWare Resource Advisor

        Drive strategy and facilitate decision-making for energy and sustainability programs Find Out More
      • Enterprise Energy Management (EEM)

        What if you could save up to 30% in energy savings to reinvest those funds to address deferred maintenance? Find Out More
      • StruxureWare Energy Operation

        Create efficiency through comprehensive energy tracking, analysis and optimization Find Out More

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Default Alternative Text Comprehensive Strategy Development We deliver comprehensive technology strategies to help you understand your current state, set your future goals and help you get there.
      • Default Alternative Text Drive Sustainable Results We implement innovative software solutions to bring your energy and sustainability data to life, ensure sustained progress and uncover new improvement opportunities.


      • SE Default icon 53% say they only use about half of their valuable data.
      • SE Default icon 73% say that data collection in their organization has increased in the last year
      • SE Default icon Only 1–2% of global data is being utilized
      • SE Default icon Annual cost of power quality and reliability related problems exceed $15B. corresponding to 3-6% of sales in manufacturing industries