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    Operations Consulting Services

    Our consultants bring you deep understanding of automation challenges – and experience in addressing them. We help optimize system investments, so you can focus on asset performance, regulatory compliance, real-time control and more.

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You need to maximize your return on operations while protecting the safety of personnel, systems and the company. You must plan ahead and capture real opportunities – considering the business value, your capabilities, current technologies and future needs.


  • $65 billion The value of global automation systems that are already obsolete. Source: ARC Advisory group
  • 87% of global business executives who claim that the risk of “reputation damage” is their #1 concern
  • 5-20% The increase in business value resulting from faster-time-to-market. Source: CSO Magazine
  • 5-30% Potential energy intensity reduction opportunity from modernization programs. Source: UN Global Industrial Energy Efficiency Benchmarking
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Operations Consulting Services

Rely on our experts to understand your business issues. We’ll help extract more value from your operations and ensure that you are prepared to take advantage of future opportunities.
  • Case study: Sasol Increasing visibility produces results

    Sasol worked with our consultants to develop real-time performance measurements at two of its steam plants. Using these measurements to drive down costs, Sasol saved over $1M during the course of the first year.

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