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    Advanced Metering & Power Quality

    Advanced Metering & Power Quality

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Utilities need secure, cost-effective, targeted information to optimize their business operations. They also need open, standardized protocols to lower implementation costs, safeguard their capital investments, and facilitate interoperability between devices and networks.
  • Solutions

    A single hardware platform that enables multiple measurement and analysis functionality. Schneider Electric's meters can replace numerous other devices such as high speed Power Quality analyzers, high accuracy revenue metering, remote terminal unit functionality, massive data storage, communications gateway and high speed arithmetic computer functionality for intelligent control of other devices and system integration.
  • Value Proposition

    Do much more with less by combining extensive experience, unsurpassed reliability and overall functionality in a single instrument.
  • Differentiation

    Best specifications across multiple measurement types (both energy and power quality) in 3rd generation design proven throughout the worlds most demanding electric utilities